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  1. 1 Vinylux-Art Vandal Collection (Spring 2016)
  2. 1 Vinylux-Art Vandal Collection (Spring 2016)

    Brand: CND

    Price:   $19.00 $38.00


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    Meet CND Vinylux Art Vandal Collection for Spring 2016. Remaster the classics. A brilliant explosion of unrestrained color. Original. Irreverent. Expressive. Leave your mark. This collection has 8 bright colors:

    1. Irreverent Rose

    2. Mauve Maverick

    3. Tutti Frutti

    4. Magenta Mischief

    5. Art Basil

    6. Digi-teal

    7. Untitled Bronze

    8. Sienna Scribble

    Size is .5oz/15ml. Made in USA. Available also in Shellac version.

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