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  1. Lamour Glossy Nails Shinning Pad - 4 way
  2. Lamour Glossy Nails Shinning Pad - 4 way

    Brand: Lamour Nails

    Price:  $2.75


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    "Quick shine " nails buffer.

    • Individual poly packaging for hanging.
    • Individual wrapped film for 2 ways block buffer.
    • Top quality products.

    Manufactured in Korea for Lamour Nail Products, Inc.


    Follow steps on two side foam:
    • Step 1(Green side): The green foam removes lines, ridges, discoloration, and rough texture from your nails. Once completed, you'll notice your nail is smoother.

    • Side 2(White Side): The white foam has the unique ability to buff with the natural oil from your nails, giving them a smooth glossy shine that's all natural.

    All Lamour brand products have been independently tested for quality and performance.

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