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  1. LeChat Powder Gel Starter Kit
  2. LeChat Powder Gel Starter Kit

    Brand: Lechat

    Price:  $54.95


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    Gelee TechNailogy is a creative trailblazer, The Originator of POWDER GEL Products, showing the way to nail perfection and refinements with salon-tested techniques and easy application invented with nail professionals in mind. This simple Brush-On Method not only produces splendid results without burning sensations or offensive fumes, but forms a natural-looking finish with a glorious gloss that last! Absolutely ideal for French manicure-

    No need to worry about Yellowing! The step-by-step instructions, with a little care lead to sleek and graceful adornment. It's nearly Effortless and Failproof; it's just like you polish nails with gel, sugarcoat with a little sprinkle powder, and Voila! You're ready to go under the sun. So step on it and never look back! Let your nails eclipse the sun with the RADIANT BRIGHTNESS of Gelee TechNailogy!

    * Super Glossy
    * Odorless
    * Acetone Resistant
    * Easy Application

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