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  1. Sani-Care Disinfectant Spray (Certified Hospital Grade)  - 16 oz
  2. Sani-Care Disinfectant Spray (Certified Hospital Grade) - 16 oz

    Brand: Sani-Care

    Price:  $7.95


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    Sani-Spray:Ready-to-use liquid disinfectant for sanitizing hard surfaces and equipment. VIRACIDE/TUBERCULOCIDAL. Hospital strength/grade formula.

    KILLS H1N1-SWINE FLU CLAIM!When used as directed kills all relevant pathogenic bacteria including antibiotic-resistant strains (MRSA), viruses (including H1N1 - swine flu, HIV, Herpes), fungi (mold and mildew) and yeast. Non-abrasive, non-corrosive, safe for use on glass, ceramic, plastics and steel surfaces. Available in economical 1-gallon size and 16-oz trigger spray bottle.

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